Getting Medical Coverage On A Short Term Basis — 4 Things You Must Know

Now that people can receive medical insurance on a short term basis without any hassle, you would think that everyone in the United States would go out and get coverage. While millions more people have medical insurance now when compared to just a few years ago, there are many misconceptions still floating around. If you are going to purchase short term medical insurance, there are several facts that you need to be aware of.

1. Serious Illnesses Won't Preclude You But They Can Cause Complications - When someone has an active, valid short term health insurance plan in place, there's no limit on the type of medical treatment that can be received. During the time that a short term medical insurance plan is in effect, policyholders can go to the doctor for routine checkups, receive referrals to medical specialists, and receive an adequate standard of care that is comparable to long term health insurance recipients. What you should be aware of is that short term medical insurance cannot be used as a long term means of treating serious illnesses.

2. Short Term Medical Insurance Only Lasts A Year At Maximum - You can purchase health insurance plans that last for three, six, or twelve months at most. Most people interested in short term health insurance use it for when they are in between employers or are otherwise ineligible to enroll in a long term medical plan for whatever reason. Short term health insurance is most valuable because it can literally go into effect the same day that it is purchased.

3. Short Term Health Coverage Can't Be Used For Certain Things - While extremely convenient for those who may have recently relocated or are actively seeking new employment, short term medical coverage is only meant to fill in the small, infrequent gaps of time when long term coverage isn't an easy option. You cannot renew a short term medical plan indefinitely, and if you require treatment for a serious ailment, you may not be able to renew your existing policy at all.

4. The Real Purpose Of Short Term Medical Insurance - Short term medical coverage was created so that you don't have to go without health coverage for any length of time or reason. This type of coverage is helpful for those who no longer receive coverage under their parents' medical plans because they are over a certain age or for those who suddenly need to find a new health insurance provider after their employment is terminated. Although short term medical coverage isn't as comprehensive as long term plans, it is essential for those who highly value their health.

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